With Leadership-Eye, we seek to improve your overall communication capabilities to build a business with the right tools, ready for growth and success with your employees.

Company culture

What is our company mission? Where do we want to be in three to five years’ time? What are the core values of our business? How to develop our corporate culture?

Digital readiness

What is our level of digitalisation? Which solutions could make us more resilient? How could we acquire and delight better our customers and our employees?

EMPLOYEE development

What is our current employee satisfaction level? Are they continuing to grow over time? What about continuous learning? What new skills do they need? 

Corporate branding

How do we communicate our value proposition to our customers? What message do we want to convey to our prospects? How are we telling our story?  

The interview

What is Leadership-Eye?

Guillaume, our CEO explains more about some ideas part of this offer made for leaders to create a new way you could work to build operations ready for growth with strong morale and resilience.

Our methodology

We have broken down the Partner-Eye methodology in four different steps described below:

The first free consultation

We start our process by a free consultation to allow us to understand your company, your vision and define how we can work together in order to reach your goals and improve your turnover and employees’ resilience.

The assessment workshops

With your support, we define the best period to connect digitally or in-person with your key stakeholders defined together. Your feedback allow us to calculate your Perform Score and benchmark it to industry standards.

The recommendation memo

We build a detailed recommendation memo including key steps to create a more comprehensive company culture, your digital capabilities and how to use the latest technologies to improve resilience, productivity and happiness.

The engagement plan

We create a tailored engagement plan where Partner-Eye becomes part of its implementation helping you to acquire the right tools and deliver your message in a powerful manner through the appropriate medias.

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