With Business-Eye, we offer models and frameworks to analyse markets, competition and redefine a compelling value proposition to be successful. 

We aim to develop your company internationally by building strong partnerships in your targeted markets while enhancing your company reputation.

Market analysis

What is the market size, potential, capabilities of the market targeted? Which market segments to approach first? What are the margins expected? How do we fund expansion? 

Competitive analysis

Who are we competing with in our targeted market? What are their core strengths and their distribution model? What answers can we offer to this new market that are not addressed today?

Value proposition

What is our core value proposition? What are our key differentiators? What core challenges are we solving for our customers? How transposable can this be to a foreign market?

Expansion entry modes

What are the best entry modes to enter to a new market? Which strategy to grow, win new markets, be profitable and fulfil our corporate social responsibility and hence our reputation?

The interview

What is Business-Eye?

Guillaume, our CEO explains more about this offer made for leaders to build a thorough market analysis, redesign their Corporate Strategy, craft a strong value proposition and boost their Business and Channel Development.

Our methodology

We have broken down the Partner-Eye methodology in three different steps described below:

The first free consultation

We start our process by a free consultation to allow us to understand your company, your vision and define how we can work together in order to reach your goals and improve your strategy and business plan. We cover any opportunities you would like us to explore and your expectations.

The assessment workshops

With your support, we define the best period to come over to your company and interview key stakeholders and customers defined together. Your feedback allow us to calculate your Perform Score, uncover new opportunities for your company and develop a plan to achieve them.

The customised engagement plan

We offer you a proposed tailored engagement plan where Partner-Eye is part of its execution through an Interim Management role. We make sure we develop your company following the business plan built together by including your talents and customers to the company success.

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