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I have worked with Partner-Eye to support the development of Transpoco and in our new venture, Luna in the micromobility industry. They not only delivered a structured approach using all of the most appropriate tools and analysis models, but coupled the theoretical work with execution. This combination gave us instant results and quickly delivered results that would have taken many months to produce in house.

Andrew FLEURY, CEO at Transpoco

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The role of leaders is to find a path for their organisation and their people to prosper during good times but also difficult moments. This article offers you four pillars to lead during a crisis, stand apart and respond effectively to the situation.
Chris Hadfield, a famous astronaut came to the Dublin 2019 TechSummit with a precise idea in mind, talking to us about "Extreme Leadership". This article present my interpretation of his vision in 6 ways that leaders can easily apply to their businesses and cause impact onto them as well.
Employee retention. Can leaders have a better impact on the challenge? Or is it just the present context in the IT sector in Ireland, especially in Dublin, that generates this problem? This article offers key recommendations based on an investigation including over 250 businesses.

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